Wrap-up: Clinical results from 3 good clinical practice studies for WEB™ intrasaccular device

Discussants: Christophe Cognard, Laurent Pierot

How can we optimize intracranial aneurysm treatment? C. Cognard and L. Pierot introduce data from 3 recent trials underlining 6 years of clinical use and efficacy of the WEB™, a unique intrasaccular device which causes aneurysm occlusion by disrupting the flow at the level of the neck of the aneurysm itself. Learn about the origins of its design for the treatment of this difficult population presenting with wide-neck bifurcation aneurysms. Discover the details in the evolution of the device itself, as well as the results of different international studies. Will the indications change for its use – can the WEBtm device replace coil? Learn more here…

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