The world’s first software that offers product and patient specific simulation and sizing of neurovascular devices in the treatment of brain aneurysm

December 6, 2017

Montpellier Fr. - Sim&Cure, a medical technology company focuses on the development and commercialization of a simulation software, Sim&Size®, for devices treating patients with cerebral aneurysm. The simulation can be done during the intervention or pre-intervention.

The CE Mark approval is a significant accomplishment for Sim&Cure as this application required rigorous regulatory review against clinical and safety standards.  The CE approval enables the company to market and sell Sim&Size® in the European Union (EU) member countries. The company plans to make Sim&Size® available to all neurointerventional devices.

Sim&Size® offers at the moment two first CE marked modules dedicated to flowdiverters and intrasaccular devices.

FDsize® simulates the deployment and sizing of flowdiverter; IDsize® simulates the deployment and sizing of intrasaccular devices.

The software platform will soon integrate a third module STsize, that simulates the deployment and sizing of intracranial laser-cut devices.

In a near future, Sim&Size will allow neurointerventionists to perform a full virtual therapeutic planning with all intracranial devices available on the market.

Source: Sim&Cure

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