Join us this November in Singapore and take part in the future of endovascular neurosurgery

Today, we all agree that the world of endovascular neurosurgery is changing rapidly. While clinical solutions to successfully dealing with ischemic stroke and aneurysms are increasingly within our reach, the challenge to effectively pass on our knowledge and experience is critical. This is at the heart of the LINNC mission: to capture the universe of knowledge and experience in interventional neuroradiology and neurosurgery today and share it effectively with our fellow specialists.

LINNC Seminar 2017 - Asia Edition , which will be taking place in Singapore from the 17th to the 18th of November, is one of the ways we do this. Marked by a rare openness and interactivity, this seminar has been designed to funnel the creative and clinical energy of our distinguished faculty and participants into a concentrated interactive seminar.

To the many of you who have participated in other LINNC seminars you know that this is far from an ordinary medical conference; organized in such a way as to offer a maximum of benefits to those participating, it offers high levels of accessibility and clinical information. Little separates faculty from participants, except perhaps experience, with a mutual goal of providing quality take-home knowledge that can immediately impact the way you practice. Throughout the months preceding the seminar, a large library of pre-recorded cases have been recorded so that the faculty can respond to any questions with concrete and practical examples.

Some of the key topics that will be focused on this year at LINNC Seminar 2017 - Asia Edition, include:
  • Thrombectomy: distal aspiration, stentriever alone, or "Aspitriever"?
  • Indications for thrombectomy beyond the “Big Five Studies” criteria.
  • Management of bifurcation aneurysms: balloon remodeling techniques, stent assisted coiling, intrasaccular device and flow diverters.
  • Brain AVM treatment: indications of treatment, ways to access, which liquid embolic agent or device to use, or which microcatheter?
  • Stroke management in cases of tandem lesions.


LINNC, whether in our annual meeting in Paris or at our seminars internationally, believes in the future of our specialty. We are deeply committed to educating the young specialists of tomorrow and are proud that this year we have increased the number of grants offered to young Asian practitioners coming to the meeting.

By joining us at the LINNC Seminar 2017 - Asia Edition, you are not only increasing your own clinical knowledge but, through your participation and open exchange, together we can build a level of healthcare responsive to the needs of all our patients….today and tomorrow.

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Laurent Spelle at LINNC 2016

Laurent Spelle
Professor of Interventional Neuroradiology
NEURI, the Brain Vascular Center
Bicêtre University Hospital
Paris, France