Be ready to celebrate LINNC's 20th anniversary!


Twenty years ago we created LINNC – the Live Interventional Neuroradiology & Neurosurgery Course – to bring together like-minded individuals, clinical experts, scientists, engineers and innovative members of industry because we believed that by joining forces we could conjugate our experience and our dreams into a viable and evidence-based discipline to improve patient care. Today, as clinical evidence confirms our approach – in the treatment of stroke and of aneurysms, in the use of mechanical thrombectomy, in advanced imaging technologies and a host of other proven and emerging devices – LINNC has grown to become the foremost meeting of its kind in the world. 

Entering our third decade, building on our clinical success while remaining vigilant before the ongoing needs and challenges we continue to face, it is clear that more than ever before there is a need for meetings like LINNC. 

As long as there are young clinicians to train and educate, as long as there are experts who are willing to share their vast clinical experience, as long as there are patients who do not have access to the best care possible – LINNC will be there, accompanying us at every level of our professional journey. LINNC is constantly evolving, taking its place at the cutting edge of continuing medical education (CME) through the quality of our offering and the latest pedagogic tools we use.These offer participants an immersive and interactive experience with live cases and, along with the creation of the growing family of seminars worldwide and LINNC online, the invaluable online resource for the entire community, they offer a round the clock, international and totally accessible educational experience. 

And this year – to mark our special anniversary with an extraordinary technical innovation in CME, a world-first – join us in Paris for an experience that will place you at the heart of an intervention in real-time, immersing you in a case as it happens! 


LINNC is turning twenty, but we remain as dynamic and forward thinking as we were when the Course was first conceived. There are worlds to educate and inform, innovations still to be imagined and made reality, clinical evidence to be defined and disseminated – and here at LINNC we remain committed to making our dream of an enhanced practice neuroradiology and neurosurgery a reality.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next meetings:

LINNC Seminar - US Edition in New York - 24-25 March, 2017

LINNC Paris , 13-15 June, 2017


Jacques Moret
Laurent Spelle at LINNC 2016

The course directors
Jacques Moret and Laurent Spelle
Professors of Interventional Neuroradiology
NEURI, the Brain Vascular Center
Bicêtre University Hospital
Paris, France