Stryker’s commitment to stroke treatment rewarded

April 20, 2018

Like every year, in line with its dedication to complete stroke care, Stryker took part in the 2017 World Stroke Day by creating an exceptional campaign designed to raise awareness about the importance of recognizing the signs of a stroke and acting FAST!

Veronika Pustovit, Christopher Keel and Fowzia Dao

The heart of the « Some signs save lives » campaign was built around a strong message: you know that some signs are unmistakable… and did you know that some signs save lives?

Stryker wanted to catch people’s attention through an emotional tone and message that enable everyone to identify themselves and get involved.

The campaign was a double-win for Stryker, which took home two prizes at the 2018 Prix Empreintes Awards for Healthcare Communications. Stryker won both 1st place in the International Communications Campaign category (Gold prize), given to an innovative campaign with global reach, and 2nd place in the Corporate Communications Campaign category (Silver prize), given to a campaign that best embodies the purpose of a company or division.

" As part of the INR community, every one of you can play a decisive role here. We call on all LINNC Family Members to participate in this campaign and join forces to increase stroke signs awareness worldwide. "

Stryker at Empreintes 2018


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