Introducing the new editor-in-chief of LINNC online: Rodrigo Rivera

Rodrigo RIVERA
Could you introduce yourself to the LINNC online community?

My name is Dr Rodrigo Rivera and I’m an interventional neuroradiologist with a background in neurosurgery. I trained in neurosurgery at Valparaiso University in Chili and in neuroradiology at the Instituto de Neurocirugia Dr. Asenjo in Santiago, Chile.

I completed my INR training at the Rothschild Foundation in Paris in 2008-2009.

I am currently chief of the neuroradiology department at the Instituto de Neurocirugia Dr. Asenjo in Santiago, Chile.

My interests are brain aneurysms, endovascular treatment of AVM, their etiology and pathogenesis, DAVF, computer flow dynamics and stroke.


How did you first become acquainted with LINNC online?

I’ve been in touch with LINNC online since its origin and have been collaborating since the beginning as a literature reviewer of the Stroke Journal as well as helping in situ during several LINNC meetings.


What role does LINNC online play for the neurointerventional community, and how can it help to further clinical practice?

LINNC online has become a great place to increase knowledge and share experience with worldwide experts in the field. Everyone can learn from other cases, the young and the more experienced among us. You never stop acquiring knowledge and this is a great place to do it. We believe our platform can help the connected and online community which, of course, benefits our patients due to better practices.  


What are your intentions as Editor-in-Chief? What new features do you hope to add to the website?

Nowadays, doctors are used to using technology in their daily practice and we’ll be announcing some new tools and apps that will further facilitate the interaction of specialists with the website, allowing for more people to share their cases and experience.

We believe in collaborative thinking and are convinced that the more you can exchange knowledge the more you can help your patients.