Insights into LINNC Seminar - US Edition 2018 with Faculty member Vitor Mendes Pereira

The LINNC Seminar - US Edition will be taking place from the 16-17 of March 2018 and we are pleased to introduce you to our faculty. LINNC online spoke with Vitor Mendes Pereira (Canada) about what motivates and inspires him – about the seminar and his work.

Tell us a little about your work and what areas of interest you hope to address during the LINNC Seminar - US Edition?



I am a neurosurgeon and neurointerventionist working at the University Health Network and Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, Canada and am interested in advances in treatment of acute stroke, complex aneurysms and curative strategies for AVM and DAVS.
 as well as all treatment modalities for acute and chronic conditions. We are a group of 4 interventionists, 2 vascular neurosurgeons and 2 neurosurgeons who are specialists in radio surgery. We also have 3 clinical and 2 research fellowship positions per year, training future neurointerventionist worldwide.


As a neurointerventionist, what challenges are you facing today – and how can the LINNC seminar format help address them?

The LINNC Seminar - US Edition is a great forum to discuss technical advances and new devices. We in North America have a delay of several years as compared to Europe on the use of these new devices. Being together in New York provides us with a unique opportunity to see these innovations being used as well as understanding the tips and tricks that come from experience. Also, cases presented at LINNC NYC are recorded completely and offer excellent educational material: a procedure can be followed entirely and perioperative management discussed in its depth. It is a very open, participative and educative meeting.

Vitor Mendes Pereira


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