LINNC 2018

Treatment of a large carotide aneurysms

LINNC 2018

June 12, 2018 - 08:15-09:00
Conference room

Expert Panels: Jacques MORET, Laurent SPELLE, Tudor G. JOVIN, Giuseppe LANZINO, Uday LIMAYE, Italo LINFANTE, Laurent PIEROT, Adnan SIDDIQUI, Allan TAYLOR

Speakers: Vu Dang LUU, Minh Thong PHAM

Watch this live case transmission from Vietnam of a 14 years-old female presenting with headache and visual impairment on left side. MRI shows a fusiform aneurysm left ICA. Discover the treatment option!

These LIVE cases correspond to the highest ethical standards in medicine and are posted on LINNC Online for educational purposes only to allow medical professionals to improve their knowledge about these procedures and how to best treat their patients.