LINNC 2017

Ruptured temporal AVM cured with a venous approach

LINNC 2017

June 13, 2017 - 14:15-15:00
Conference room

Expert Panels: Jacques MORET, Michel E MAWAD, Laurent PIEROT, Sirintara PONGPECH SINGHARA NA AYUDHAYA, Istvan SZIKORA, Tomoaki TERADA

Speaker: Laurent SPELLE

Clinical case
  • 26 year-old male
  • Aphasia revealing a left posterior temporal hematoma in June, 2016
  • Full neurological recovery at 4 month follow-up and unchanged angiogram compared with the acute phase
  • This is a case of typical left temporal AVM for which endovascular treatment is contraindicated
  • He is suitable for radiosurgery and a perfect candidate for surgery. Which treatment strategy would you choose?

Watch the actual treatment which was recorded at the Bicêtre Hospital in Paris and presented by Laurent Spelle at the LINNC Paris 2017.