LINNC 2017

Evolution of the management of stroke patient in the daily practice for the last 2 years

LINNC 2017

June 15, 2017 - 08:20-08:35
Conference room

Expert Panels: Jacques MORET, Laurent SPELLE, Christophe COGNARD, Michel E MAWAD, Vitor MENDES PEREIRA, Laurent PIEROT, Wim H. VAN ZWAM

Speaker: Manvel AGHASARYAN

Join Dr Manvel Aghasaryan as he discusses what’s new in stroke management since 2015 and the remaining issues:

  • Endovascular procedures: Between Drip ’n Ship and Mothership, which is the best transportation mode for an optimal outcome?
  • Tele-thrombolysis: How safe and effective is IV thrombolysis with tPA delivered through tele-stroke networks in patients with acute ischemic stroke?
  • New oral anticoagulant treatments
  • The ESUS concept: Is there any interest in treating ESUS patients with anticoagulants before the AF could be diagnosed?