LINNC Paris 2018

Teaching Trend: Parallel Hands-On (PHO)

Parallel Hands-On (PHO) @ LINNC Paris 2018

This exciting concept takes advantage of technological evolutions. An accurate 3D printed model (BIOMODEX) of a real cerebral aneurysm is ready for treatment in the Bicêtre Hospital angiosuite:

  • On one side of the screen, one of the LINNC course participants will be chosen, by drawing lots, among volunteer candidates, to perform in “LIVE” conditions (from Bicêtre hospital-Paris, France) the treatment on the model with the same tools used to treat the patient.
  • On the other side of the screen, the recorded live treatment of the patient who served as model is projected, allowing the audience to analyze and compare the “how to do” and the possibility to reproduce or change or modify technical tricks, in order to achieve the best treatment. There is no competition at all, but the wonderful possibility to demonstrate parallel teaching.


Posterior wall of A1 segment small aneurysm treated with FDS
Watch an hands-on case recorded during the LINNC Paris 2017