INR scope

Basilar artery aneurysm

Author: KALOUSEK Vladimir

  • Patient PK ( 60 yo), tip of the basilar artery aneurysm, 8x9mm, neck diameter 6mm.
  • Plan was to place web device – web sl 10x5.
  • Which was done without problem, neuromax into vert, into v4 segment navien 072.
  • Web device was placed over via 27.
Basilar artery aneurysm
Basilar artery aneurysm - web-device
  • During control angiograms it has been seen that the device was protruding to basilar artery, with cloth forming on both lateral edges.
Neuromax into vert
Web device placed
  • Bolus dose of integrilin was given, and it was decided to place a stent in both P1 segments to elevate web device.
  • LVIS jr was placed in Y configuration.
Control angiogram
  • Control angiograms were normal. 
Bolus dose of integrilin
LVIS jr placed in Y configuration
Control angiogram normal
  • Patient had unremarkable stay and was discharged few days after.